Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember all the people who gave their lives so that this day could come

I saw a commercial last night asking us to "preserve traditional marriage"

The countries highlighted are where traditional marriage includes polygamy.

This map shows where forced or arranged marriage is still practiced. By heterosexuals. You know, those people that bombed (among other places) Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden?

Friday, October 24, 2008

This is why the rest of the world is ticked off at us

Gov. Sarah Palin spent enough on her campaign wardrobe to feed 300 Haitian families ...for a year. The pundits have all wagged their tongues; the comedians have made all their jokes. But as the presidential campaign draws to a conclusion, I'm not laughing.
There are so many good organizations doing work in Haiti, I couldn't pick just one, but if you click the header at top, it will take you to Doctors Without Borders, who can give you a comprehensive overview of conditions there and what needs to be done. A simple online search will yield many additional ways to offset Palin's kharma footprint as well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In defense of Western Pennsylvania

Greensberg Train Station, Westmoreland County

Although Westmoreland County is 96.2% white according to the last census, whenever we went back there to visit my grandparents, it was the closest that I have ever known to familial roots in this country. The gentle rolling hills, lush and green with forest and fields, a land that is a living Currier and Ives print, have never been anything other than a place that represented peace and serenity and all that is good about America.

I'm that sure my parents and the rest of the family could fill me in on stories of life back in the day, but I do know that when Dad came home for the family reunion, he was treated like a hometown hero (which he is, but that's another story for another time).

There could be plenty of malice hidden out of view, but that's not what I ever remember feeling. It's a little too far to the nearest espresso for me to contemplate living there; San Francisco it ain't, but only San Francisco can be San Francisco. Every visit I've ever made since I was a child has filled me with such a sense of comfort that I could only wish those who have childhood memories of families less embracing and full of love and diversity than mine could experience.

If you want to tear up when you hear the Star Spangled Banner, and have a belief that you belong to this country and know that it is possible to feel good about being American without being embarassed or ashamed for it, pass through here and look for that essence that makes this country and its people all that it is, and all that it could be.

I know that not all of America is there yet, perhaps not even all of the Keystone State; and some parts may never be, but I'll not sit idly by and let all of Western Pennsylvania be impugned with such an ugly taint.

Happy birthday, Celia Cruz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I wouldn't care if Obama was a Muslim --or Jewish. Or Buddhist. Or atheist.

Frankly, after seeing what the last forty-something hetero white men have done, I think it's about time for a gay person of color to be President. We have to clean up the messes they make anyway.

Thank God Obama "Doesn't see America" as Sarah Palin does

This is Democracy

This is Democracy under McCain/Palin

Remember: friends don't let friends fist bump Republicans (unless they switch to Obama in the privacy of the voting booth)

Friday, October 17, 2008

You don't vote, you don't count. And you DO want to matter in this lifetime, don't you?

Click on the header at the top if you want an early Halloween scare (and a laugh, too). But remember: if you don't vote, this is what could happen!

*Most of these images are available from the individual artists or various Obama campaign sources. I recall after the first post-apartheid election in South Africa, I had a phone conversation with a magazine editor in Capetown who was amused that pristine ballots from the election with Nelson Mandela as a candidate were selling like hotcakes. Something tells me that these posters are going to be a lot more popular than "Nixon's the One" or "I Like Ike."

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Arnold does it again

Amid the flurry of over 300 bills that Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed (faster than I suspect he could even read what they were) was one designating Harvey Milk Day.

Not as dumb or mean-spirited (or just plain stupid) as this mayor in Kansas playing dress up.

Or the guy who wanted to get real close for a photo. Why? Why?