Friday, January 27, 2006

Burns Night: Haggis and Tatties and Neeps, oh my!

No, this doesn't refer to James Frey's butt after his grilling by Oprah. I think I recall he tried to dissuade her from choosing his book in the first place, but, what the heck; I understand it makes for a pretty good read as fiction anyway. And with all the #@?! coming out of Washington these days, it isn't the worst thing to be "embellished" or "passed off as the truth," eh? It isn't like he told the CIA where to aim that missile in Pakistan or anything. Where is the outrage over that? Oh yeah, outside the U.S. I understand the president's State of The Union has his handlers reaching for their vicodin refills.

If you haven't donated the cost of a martini at the Abbey to the New Orleans Gay Community Center yet, what are you waiting for? We know that the administration in Washington is already jockeying to downsize what aid they said they were going to provide to the people along the Gulf Coast. Alito may be a done deal, but let your Congressmember know not to abandon the victims of the hurricane. And I'm not just saying that just 'cuz I live near the San Andreas fault, mind you... anyone could be next, and with this culture of denial of responsibility at the federal level, let's just say we're sliding down a slippery slope.

Another way you can help (if you can't do without that one $17 martini) is to donate books to the New Orleans Public Library. The state and local librarians are co-ordinating an incredible effort to replace all the books lost in the disaster. You may send books to :

Rico A. Trigs
219 Loyola Ave
New Orleans, LA 70112.

They will sort through them and distribute them throughout the area affected by the hurricane. I don't know about you, but the thought of entire libraries being wiped off the face of the earth is a scary one... not that libraries get the support they deserve as a whole nationwide as it is.

Now that would be a fine way to honor Robert Burns, eh?

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