Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay, Arnold, do you want the Mel Gibson or Isaiah Washington suite at the foot-in-mouth rehab?

Gov. Arnold Scharzenegger, who has done nothing to stop runaway production from leaving California to set up shop in Canada or other states, has basically told Spanish language media that they should drink the kool-aid. speaking before the convention of National Association of Spanish Journalists, Arnold exhorted Spanish speakers, "You've got to turn off the Spanish television set." Sacramento seems to be unaware of the financial benefits of California being the center of Spanish language media. For being such a savvy businessman, he seems rather willing to stick it to the entertainment media.
Perhaps he is unaware that Los Angeles, not Miami (yet), is the center of the Spanish language media. 38 million people -more than the entire population of Canada- watch Spanish language media in the US. 60% of bilingual households are cited as preferring Spanish language media, even though they may speak English outside the home.
Arnold also said, "...when I came to this country, I very rarely spoke German to anyone." Gee, Arnold, is that because not that many people in the US speak German?
The Latino vote is largely credited with giving Schwarzenegger, who had no previous political experience, his gubernatorial win. I guess he isn't running for office again. And he ought not to expect Spanish language media to carry any of his movies anymore, either. That goes for all of Latin America, too.
And when is he ever going to get around to learning how to say, "California?"

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circuitmouse said...

As to be expected, Spanish language media has had a lot to say about Schwarzenegger's remarks. As a footnote to my post on the subject, I thought I'd give you the Nielson ratings for the week that followed his statement:

Los Angeles Market

1. Destilando Amor (KMEX)
2. Destilando Amor (KMEX)
3. Copa Oro 2007 (KMEX)
4. Destilando Amor (KMEX)
5. La Fea Mas Bella (KMEX)
6. La Fea Mas Bella (KMEX)
7. Destilando Amor (KMEX)
8. La Fea Mas Bella (KMEX)
9. Yo Amo A Juan (KMEX)
10. La Fea Mas Bella (KMEX)

And for the US Market:

1. America's Got Talent
2. Dateline: NBC
3. Deal or No Deal
4. Law & Order: SVU
6. CSI
7. Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
8. Two and a Half Men
9. So You Think You Can Dance
10. CSI: Miami

If there's any intelligent life in outer space that tuned into what we've sent out to the cosmos, I offer my humblest apologies.