Friday, April 11, 2008

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

After all of the hullaballoo over the Olympic torch, it got me to thinking that this might very well sum up China's view of their relationship with the US. Most news outlets never reported that little "I didn't know my microphone was still on" slip of the tongue by a Chinese official who bragged how they no longer needed ICBMs; they could bring the US to it's knees via the internet by shutting off our entire power grid, telecommunications, utilities, etc.

After the recent spate of recalls from tainted food and toys, I was wandering throught the aisles of Target for a toy present, and couldn't find a thing that wasn't made in China!

And most of the food you buy in the market doesn't list the country of origin anywhere... so if you think it isn't cool for them to go around slaughtering nuns and priests and entire villages, better keep it to yourself or find another planet to live on.

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