Saturday, July 26, 2008


It is hard not to to listen to the whole of Sen. Obama's speech in Berlin and feel almost a little disoriented, in that this
has come to pass in our time.

There is no audicity where hope is concerned here...

I get the feeling that things are truly possible... for our country, our planet, our future.

It doesn't hurt that Obama is possibly one of the gifted orators of our time.

It may take more time than I have left on this planet to process the headiness of the possibility of humanity today.

When I think of where we have come from, in my lifetime, to where we are now (even if it remains but a possibility), it's a good thing.

Maybe --just maybe-- the promise that this election holds for us may come to pass.

I'm certainly not going to take it for granted that it will happen. Nor be devastated if the real evildoers among us keep us from reaching that goal. At least I can see it is possible.

This is probably as close as I came come to that sense of wonderment that Europeans felt in the past when they realized that the optimism and "can do" of the American spirit wasn't just hollow air.

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