Monday, January 26, 2009

How many times will we say, "never again?"

1619 to 1865 - African slaves brought to North America.

1851 to Present - Native Americans placed on reservations.

1942 to 1945 - Over 120,0000 Japanese-Americans rounded up and placed in camps.

2001 to 2009 - Guantanamo Bay Naval Base opens detention facitility.

What gets me is how easily this happy girl could be in my own family. Or yours. Note that nowhere in the photograph do you see the barbed wire or the guard towers, or the soldiers with guns, ready to shoot on site. Yet they were there; Ansel Adams went to great lengths to let you know all was not as carefree as it appeared.

Photos are from Manzanar, California, by Ansel Adams

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