Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PCRM should be eating crow

The controversy about the posters in Washington DC's Metro has reverberated from the beltway to Miami and back. Dr. Barnard, speaking on behalf of the group, forgot to somehow mention that healthy school lunches was one ofthe first issues for the Obama administration early in 2009, even before the children were enrolled in school.
The group doesn't mention that the girl in the poster dosn't exactly come from an economically deprived family. Then it occured to me, she is from Miami. Miami taxpayers could be very well be paying invoices for coq au vin, and be serving roadkill from Alligator Alley (I'm not saying they are, but hey, in Miami anything is possible).
And to greenlight this ad would be woefully ignorant of the subtextual inference in the poster as it relates to the history of American media exploitative use of the portrayals of African Americans, as well as the class issues invoked . If Dr. Barnard can't see the inherent racism suggested by the ad, how good of a doctor is he? Or maybe he did...
He sure doesn't sound like a doctor who cares about kids.

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