Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan - Earthquake & Mega-Tsunami 11-03-2011.mp4

Actually, at approximately 2:30 am Pacific Time, the DJ broke into the song I had playing softly on my clock radio to announce the earthquake, and that tsunami warnings had been issued for Hawaii and the entire West Coast of the US, along with all the Pacific Islands. It was those poor souls along the shoreline nearest the epicenter that had the least amount of time to escape to higher ground --by some accounts, less than five minutes after the quake struck.

For more than a half century, as California's population doubled and development spread unchecked through low-lying wetlands and shorelines, there have been geologists and urban planners warning against building on much of this scenic California coastline. I know of at least one report, detailing the risks inherent in building mile-by-mile for the entire California coast, that was pooh-poohed by developers that put profit over people.

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