Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally, someone posted something about that dress. It was a Nicole Miller imported strapless wedding gown in silk charmeuse, "softly shirred at the bodice and waist The seamed dropped waist falls to a floor length A-line skirt, and a godet inset creates a small train in the back, with boning in the bodice and sticky elastic on top for a secure fit." And of course, it is now available at Nordstrom, according to the ABC website. I'd have to turn in my gay card and be banished from crossing the MacArthur Causeway or the Bay Bridge if I didn't say that this was one of the most spectacular pieces of couture I've seen in on the small screen. And I'm a former shmatteh, mind you. Normally I could care less what the actors are wearing, but every rule has its exceptions.

Credit to for the mesh.

We now return you to our normally scheduled mad left-of-center rant: So, didya hear about the Kazakh comic who does an imitation news shtick that was refused admittance to a White House press conference? Male prostitutes, no problem. But no comedians. I guess the press secretary didn't want the competition....

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