Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Where they have burned books they will end in burning human beings." --Heinrich Hesse

A none too subtle reminder that Banned Book Week is about to begin... the American Library Association has a full range of events and lists of banned books right here in America --some of which are certain to have you think, "they're joking, right?" But they aren't.

On a more pleasant note, this Sunday is the annual Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice. For more information, click on the header at top.

The series premiere of Jericho last night was interesting enough. Not as dark as other post-apocalyptic dramas, and not (yet) as twisted as Lost. Wish I could have seen it on my folk's big ol' flat screen, though, just for the CGI of the mushroom clouds...

Grey's Anatomy proved to be less interesting in the romantic twists than it initially was in the dramedy. But I still liked certain moments -- most notably Katherine Heigl in her formal dress with her hair done up like she was on her way to Versailles. I'm not exactly one of those Miss America lovin' child of the 60s; most of the time, I could give a flying ferret who-was-wearing-what.
She was might purty. The redemption of Justin Chambers' character was a relief. He was every bit the good old fashioned leading man from days of yore when he got the chance to eat up the screen with his big scene. When he delivered his monologue then scooped Heigl up and held her was a nice, --very nice, piece of television. And of course Fierce Reigning Diva Sandra Oh with her simple act of holding the hand of her beloved was cool. All of the principal actors on Grey's Anatomy boast some pretty remarkable credits on stage, and it shows.

Considering I was balancing a book in my lap for most of the evening, I don't think I gave myself over to the idiot box too much. Let's just see what tonight's My Name is Earl and The Office have to bring us, eh?

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