Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My snippy rant, continued

Photo: LA Episcopal Diocese

This morning on NPR, the mixed ruling came down about All Saints Church in Pasadena and their ongoing troubles with the IRS, who seem to think the church overstepped the line into political advocacy during a sermon last year.

My mood lightened somewhat when I heard the rant by the college football coach against reporters. I wonder what tune he'd sing if the local media just decided, okay, you say we don't know how to report on sports, so we'll just unplug all media coverage of your university's athletic teams -and that goes for broadcasting the games as well. I wonder how long he'd be able to hold on to his salary, which I'm certain is likely to be more than, say, teachers as a rule.

Come to think of it, if the IRS really wanted to find some funds to help with the national debt, why don't they start investigating the tax returns of big-name college athletic directors and coaches, of which some of that little club make a lot of money. NASCAR style, Halliburton style money.

Just a thought...

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