Saturday, October 29, 2005

No Way to Start The Weekend

Man oh man... it was heads or tales where I was going to buy dinner last night, and what I'd have when I got there, but I never expected to get food sickness from the Whole Foods Market. The inside of my mouth still feels like the wallpaper was ripped violently off the walls.

Though temporary, the feeling of helplessness, alone and unable to call anyone for help late at night, was downright scary. I think it's a safe bet that I won't be having pad thai again any time soon--or Naked Foods juice. At least I was able to laugh with Brice this morning at the absurdity of getting sick from food I'd bought at the high-end uber-trendy health food store. I was in line at the cashier there once behind Nelly Furtado, but I would never have known if not for some of the employees swarming around excitedly after she left to talk about it. Little bird of a person, that one.

Ah, yes, life in LaLa Land. I have no idea who the "celebrity judges" are for the Halloween costume contest. My points of reference for pop culture and its' icons are out of step with the masses, I'm afraid. ...And I'm oh, so bent out of shape about it.

It has been a regular thought of late that I'm twice the age of most of the puppeies that flock to the Abbey or Eat Well or the Starbucks at Westmount & Santa Monica. A non-too-subtle push aside from hoi polloi of the gay ghetto: youth will be served!

Small consolation, then, that Brice found the battery needed for my phone.

This afternoon, I'll got to the artists meeting, now that I'm up and about, and then the Grove for a Brazilian lunch & the newsstand at the B & N before heading over to Skylight Books. Maybe I'll even cap it off with a trek down to Hennessy & Ingalls if there's time. We'll just see where the day takes us.

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