Monday, March 19, 2007

Memo to the suits at ABC

I've had it up to here with that little animation of dancers that keeps appearing on my favorite shows. Do you put in on during the news, too? There are certain programs which are just not going to have the same potential audience. This is no way to garner interest in your dumb show. It's easily the most irritating television animation since the Ali McBeal dancing baby craze started.

Luckily, I've got books a-plenty to read in the meantime. Not everyone who turns on the tube, after all, spends all day, every day staring at whatever crap the networks deem to throw at us.

By the same token, I've grown paranoid about even mentioning which shows I do like, since they seem to get killed off faster than you can say "Who's really buried in Ken Lay's grave?"

There have been more brave souls around Hollywood of late who question the methodology that the networks employ to determine the actual number of television viewers, but no one expects (openly) for there to be any radical overhaul of the system by which Hollywood gauges ratings.

In a real departure of the "speak no evil" policy in this company town, the LA Times even did a piece on how irrelevant those little statuettes are to a movie's long-standing popularity. They even intimated that the nonsensical game of judging everything by opening weekend numbers may be erroneous-- although they didn't explore the means by which such numbers are manipulated.

I just want to throw out to some bored-out-your-skin e-geek out there (and we know you're out there) that you give ABC a taste of their own medicine and hack into their network feed, and put those damn dancing fools someplace that will bring the issue to the bigwig's attention. If we don't do something now to display the immediate potential for viewer backlash, there will only be more of those damn things in the future to come.


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