Thursday, March 15, 2007

"The Perfect Fake" by Barbara Parker

Anyone who knows me knows I love maps. And I love mysteries. Especially by Miami authors.

I had the good fortune to be covering the Miami International Book Fair the year that Barbara Parker's first mystery was published, and I've read every one since then as soon as I could get my hands on it.

"The Perfect Fake," Parker's newest mystery, not only centers around Miami and maps, but the Miami International Map Fair, which is kind of like the ultimate Star Wars fan convention for lovers of maps. I doubt that anyone in Miami is better suited than Barbara Parker to craft a first rate page turner from it.

My only mistake was starting it as we went through Daylight Savings Time, as it is one of those books that makes you hang on for just one more chapter a couple of times over before going to bed.

If there's one question I hear posed to mystery authors as opposed to most writers of fiction, it's the old stand-alone or series conundrum. Here, Parker has deftly shown she can give her series heroine a rest as she returns to a stand alone, yet keeping her beloved Gail Connor conected to the story, but just out of sight.

The only thing that sucks about reading books is that they take a year or more to write and can be devoured in a matter of hours.

And Miami is so far away at times....

If you click on the header at top you'll be taken to a picture of one of the scenes from The Perfect Fake. It's not Miami, but I won't give away any more of a spoiler. Click on the link to the left for Barbara Parker's website for a bunch of cool visuals that go with the book. It'll soon be evident why Barbara Parker is one of my favorite authors!

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