Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go ahead and build your multi-million dollar mansions above the Hollywood sign, why don't you?

To my chagrine, I learned as did millions of Angelenos that the land around the Hollywood sign is not only not owned by the city of Los Angeles, but has been put up for sale to be developed as multi-million dollar estates.

I knew it wasn't officially a part nearby Griffith Park, but because of the telecommunications towers along the ridge of Mt. Lee, I'd always assumed it was owned by some government agency or another.

It might be just some kind of power play to force the city's hand in purchase negotions, but I can't believe anyone would be so stupid as to actually seriously consider building a home up there. Well, yes, I can believe that someone would be so stupid.

I also believe that even if they could get anti-terrorism insurance, they wouldn't get a moment's sleep knowing that they live in the most visible targets to terrorists on the entire planet --moreso than even the White House or Buckingham Palace, given the potential media windfall. Then there are all the twisted pranksters from stoners to pyromaniacs who would just love to see the houses built on the site go up in flames. No amount of private security in the world is gonna keep those homes from being targeted. And then, too, there's Mother Nature to contend with.

All of LA would probably come to a halt to watch as whatever might get built there burn to the ground, as would the rest of the world via satellite. And few --if any-- would be sad to see them destroyed.

There's a golden once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here for some corporation or individual to purchase the site and donate the land --with or without naming rights-- and perhaps even get some good civic pr out of it. They wouldn't even need the deep pockets of, say, an Eli Broad to do it.

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