Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pop the Paparazzi, already

Now they tell us it'll be at least six months before any ordinance can get through the LA City Council regarding paparazzi swarms that endanger the public.

Well, as one of the 14 million people in Southern California who has to frequently cross the street, I'd like to see something done about this damn mess. It is no infringement on the free press or anyone's first amendment rights to make the paparazzo follow the same basic traffic laws as the rest of us. Since, as in this moment for example, I'm often near Robertson Boulevard where the gilded set eat, shop or philander, I'd like to have some sense of security that I won't be shoved into the street (it's happened) or worse. It's not the pseudo-celebs I'm worried about as much as the innocent bystanders-- too often it's the publicists for said celebs who employ the paparazzi for their own benefit. As a real writer, I take umbrage at the cloke of respectability these bottomfeeders wrap themselves in when defending their behavior, which has become significantly worse in recent years. We're on an express path to the finale of Day of the Locust if something isn't done soon.

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