Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If you don't like California, why would you be here, anyway?

Marianne Kearney-Brown Photo: Robert Durrell / LA Times

Cal State East Bay instructor Marianne Kearney-Brown has been reinstated after a statewide row over her being fired for refusing to sign a loyalty oath ...to the state of California. I had no
idea we were at war with any of the other states (but we know what the folks in Oregon think of Californians).

The loyalty oath, which all public employees are required to sign, states that they are willing to uphold and bear arms to defend the constitution of the state of California and the US Constitution; it has apparently been around since the Red scare of the early 1950s but I don't remember having signed one, as is the case with many public employees, according to the LA Times article.

Kearney-Brown, a Quaker pacifist, pointed out that the wording of the oath would actually let non-citizen
terrorists work as public employees, but penalize loyal citizens who don't want necessarily to take a bullet for the Golden State. Fortunately, a compromise oath was worked out... only some 55 years since it was first instated. And we wonder why the state is running a deficit...

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