Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rhymes with "witch," and I don't mean ditch, fitch, hitch, itch, niche, pitch, rich, stitch, switch or twitch

My initial response upon reading the remarks by Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern was to write her a letter. I wasted he better part of a tree before even beginning to rework it on the computer. I still opted to refrain from actually sending the final version until I calmed down a bit more.

Then something happened today. A friend of mine was quite out of sorts over impending word on whether he passed his citizenship exam. While reassuring him, I pointed out that most of the hundred or so Americans present couldn't begin to pass the same exam he'd aced. Through sheer luck of birthright, a lot of Americans have citizenship in this country which they neither appreciate nor make any effort to deserve.

Despite my wavering resolve to hold off adding my two cents worth to the controversy, continued coverage of reaction to Sally Kern's remarks have only served to inflame my inclination to butt in. You can click on the header above to read her remarks. If you don't want to read my ranting, this would be the time to click on any of the nice g-rated links located on the left of this blog.

As an American citizen, not only do I get to spout off my opinion if I so desire, I have seen first hand the terrified looks on faces of people who are trapped in countries where to do so would have dire consequences.

Quite frankly, I don't know that Rep. Kern deserves to be an American. I don't know for certain that she doesn't, but to deliberately and irresponsibly defame and insult members of Congress, gays, Muslims, and anyone who ever took the oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and holds the rights therein sacred...*

Maybe we might all have a case to sue Rep. Kern for real and punitive damages--not to mention pain and suffering. Actually I think her remarks probably deserve her fate to be decided by the likes of Johnny Knoxville or the producers of "Survivor," along with a dressing-down by Simon Cowell on live national television. I'm tempted to add "Celebrity Rehab" to the list, but let's face it, even with her new found notoriety on You tube, Rep. Kern doesn't even cut it as a B-list celebrity.

Of course, that's just my little ol' personal opinion. It might put me on the no-fly list and add a notation to my FBI file, but I'm still allowed to say it. It isn't as if I yelled "fire" in a theater, which is tantamount to what Rep. Kern did.

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I might as well get back to sending her that letter.

* and Americans. Let's not forget Americans! George Bush is still in office for about ten months, so there's still time for him to bomb the @%#! out of whoever disses America!

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