Saturday, March 22, 2008

I tried to give Sally Kern the benefit of a doubt, but in the end,she proved to be not just wrong, but SCARY wrong

The link above will take you to Daily Oklahoman website coverage, which includes the entire unedited text as part of the ongoing series on the Sally Kern controversy. You might want to save it for Halloween, or to scare your kids by showing them how they'll turn out if they don't stay in school.

When I did send my letter to Rep. Kern, it was polite, and with the belief that she was a reasonable person. Now I'm beginning to think she may have grown up downwind from a meth lab. The things she says are so crazy, they stopped even being scary... except for the fact that this is an elected official in the state of Oklahoma, and there are other people who think like her! She even cites enough sources in the podcast to suggest that she's been indoctrinated or taught or brainwashed (no, scratch that; her brain needs a good washing). Somebody out there has a serious case of bad kharma coming to them.

I guess that it was just too beautiful of a day outside for me to not have to pay the price.

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