Monday, November 07, 2005

be sure to vote tomorrow!

The long season of political ads is about to come to a close... thank God. They've more than made up for any productions lost to Canada with the number of hit pieces for Ah-nold's initiatives assailing me on every channel. Someone at WB should have at least had the courtesy not to bombard Sex In The City with his smug commercials. But I guess with all the layoffs over at Warner Bros, they couldn't afford to turn down any paying gig, the whores.

The voter turn out is projected to be quite low tomorrow... and it might rain on top of that. I've never missed an election yet, though, and I'm not about to miss this one. It would be sweeter if they'd started the 'recall Arnold' movement in time to qualify for his f'ing special election. I'm so waiting for the day when someone gets their hand on his citizenship application and hopefully finds some inexecusable irregularity. Too bad he can't be deported for adultery. Every time something comes up about him, he manages to get it buried. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the old queens he used to prostitute himself with when he was a teenager is some powerful fucker in Malibu Colony who makes a convenvient call now and then on his behalf. The thought of him and Joe Weider together is enough to make me puke. But not out of the realm of possibility...

Maybe when he's forced out of political life, and divorces Maria, he can go bake to Austria with his tail between his legs and open an antique shop where he'll dispense steroids under the counter.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that all of the preceeding rant about Ah-nold is all unsubstantiated hearsay (and wishful thinking). There exists the very real probability that none of it is true, nor will come to pass. Now, don't sue me, because my assets add up to a pile of broken furniture and clothes that wouldn't fit the governator anyway.

Other than that, it has been a beautiful day.... it was cloudy earlier, but the sun came out before Jean picked me up to go for coffee at the Starbucks at Westmount Beach. Here it is November, and still plenty of eye candy to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Now that's a far more pleasant thought to ruminate on...

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