Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Respice finem

So the Catholic Church is going to vet seminarians for signs of homosexuality. Good! Let's contemplate the out-of-court settlement for the first heterosexual falsely labeled as gay to be separated from the priesthood.

Of course, if I seem a little bemused by the church's intentions, it might be because my outrage at the church's inability to differentiate between gays and child molesters or acknowledge that lifelong celibacy by even allegedly heterosexual men is, well, unnatural, is more than compensated by the hastening of the end of the Catholic Church--in North America at least. To quote Jamie Fox from Jarhead, "Boo-rah!"

The Church can continue to exist in Rome for all I care--I've no problem with them there where no one pays them much mind anyway. Pancho Villa had the right idea when he castrated priests accused of abuse, saying in his defense that they've taken a vow not to have sex anyway, so they ought not mind he was helping them resist temptation.

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