Friday, July 14, 2006

According to news sources in Lebanon, the governments of France, Germany, Greece, the Philippines, Spain and the US had advised their citizens in the country to leave.

One small problem: the only way out of the country at present is the road to Damascus. And the road to Damascus is being shelled by Israel.

Oh well.

Four Brazilian nationals have been added to the list of foreign casualties in Lebanon. There are more than 30,000 Pilipinos, 22,000 French nationals, 10,000 Americans (that's ten thousand, folks) and around 700 Spaniards in the country, according to various media sources. Phone service is intermittent at best.
Some of the media outlets are offline. Reporters Without Borders has accused Israel of deliberately targeting journalists in their raids, so accurate accounts of what is going on within various parts of the country can be expected to be unavailable, despite modern technology.

Rumors are rampant on Lebanese blogs, with locals and tourists alike all wondering where they can be safe.

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