Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Warning: Uppity Minority Rant Ahead!

The most unpopular job at the LA Unified School District must be trying to explain why their serious f'd-up policy of how to categorize ethnicities is in any way relevant or appropriate to the student population of the LAUSD, the city of Los Angeles, and United f'ing States of America. If that spokeperson (remember Iraq's ambassador to Washington before the first Gulf War, only you know nobody's got a gun to this spokesperson's family's head back home) halfway believes the bull she was giving Larry Mantle today on Airtalk, then ship her sorry ass to Hawaii and see how long before they laugh you out of the state.

That crap wasn't even so last century. It was more like, so f'ing Europe carving up Africa, Asia and the Americas 18th century colonialism.

Get with the 21st century, LAUSD! I was a little skeptical about Mayor Villaraigosa's bid to take over the LAUSD, but now I'm all for it; and can that woman and her boss and her boss's boss.

Almost a thousand ethnicities, and the exponential combinations thereof make up LA. Duhh. And they don't recognize multi-ethic students? And the horrific response she gave regarding bi-racial students was REPUGNANT and INSULTING and DISHONEST.

Sala kutta.

I could have used some chocolate to cool down, but it had already melted.

I didn't get to hear Larry Mantle's response because I had to turn the radio to KUSC to calm down or I'd have thrown it out the damn window.

There. I cleaned up the language quite a bit from my first draft. Thank goodness I wasn't looking that spokesperson in the eye, face to face. She'd still be cleaning my vomit off of her shoes.

Do you have any idea after all the years of Reagan, Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger how high my tolerance level is for me to get that angry? Well, the heat helped.

I finally simmered down enough to put KPCC back on. So I thought.

If doing a slow lobster broil with a flipping fan is patriotic, somebody start playing a fife and a goddamn drum. The sprightly PSA for Southern California Edison with the sappy 60s airline announcement voice about conserving energy should have been recorded in my apartment.

How the blazes do people have the anti-gravitational pull to be able to even stage riots in this kind of weather? To think of all the razzing that UC Santa Cruz got when they made the banana slug their school mascot. Shy-ee-it, they were even ahead of Al Gore on that number.

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