Saturday, July 15, 2006

"There are some problems in life even Prada can't solve." -- from "My Lucky Star" by Joe Keenan

For the record: The link in my last post for this site was broken. Or the Israelis have bombed them. I think if you click on the header above, this will work now. If you type it in as I wrote it, it might go through. Of course, there's the small problem that Israel has reportedly just hit the telecommunications infrastructure in Beirut, so some sites (and phone service) may be offline in some areas.

And would somebody please tell our embassy in Beirut to stop sending people down highways that are being straffed by Israeli aircraft? You'd think the American government was out to deliberately kill Americans or something. Naw, they would never do that, now, would they?
The Getty. The "Global Delights" concert with Paul Livingstone, the Arohi Ensemble and Karsh Kale was everything from Middle Eastern jazz to electronic world music to innovative and classical South Asian music.
There are club kids here, last century's club kids with their kids, a broad swath of the South Asian community and Those in the Know. Quite a number of folk carry themselves like foreign service veterans or academics and scholars.
This was without a doubt the place to beat the heat.

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