Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Smells like team spirit

We've had 48 hours of the Italian tri-color all over town. And interestingly enough, not a peep out of the curmudgeons who had such a problem with people waving anything other than the American flag during all the immigration rallies this spring.

It occurred to me that they don't like it when the flags are from anywhere other than Western Europe. Most of those right-wing yahoos don't know Mexico is part of North America, or even consider the Canadian flag anything other than a brand logo.

At least the giant soccer ball has been taken down from atop the Abbey coffeehouse. Would have been nice if it had rolled a strike along Robertson Blvd. and taken out some of those drunken brats ...like the runaway balloon at Macy's parade... Of course, now the Abbey will have to go back to their usual fare of special events, like release parties for porn films.

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