Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last rant for this Santa Ana, I promise (but we're due for another next week)

Before I knew the program was starting, much less change the channel, one of ABC's "news" programs last night started right off with a film clip of someone jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Not even a warning that there was going to be an image that some viewers might find disturbing. What about the children that might have been watching television? I was going to change the channel anyway to watch something else, but I had to see that few seconds of footage before I even knew that the program was starting. That was pretty goddamn shitty.

They owe me at least about ten pounds of chocolate and a month's worth of therapy appointments for that. What they owe the friends and loved ones of the person concerned is incalculable.
They should be made to pay ten times whatever the fine for that "wardrobe malfunction."

As we head into the final stretch of election season, the political ads in California are really beginning to get my goat. I presume that the scripting and filming of political commercials in LA are mitigating the runaway productions. This is a town that had sold its soul more times than people have received spam from Nigeria; yet I have to really work to find compassion for those involved in some of the disgusting ads on television and radio. I know a number of them are probably just decent people trying to pay their bills, who couldn't dare turn down a paying gig, and in all likelihood don't even know what the issues are.

That said, I have no sympathy for Big Tobacco in their fight against Proposition 86. Were it left to me, assets of the tobacco industry and their executives would be seized and turned over to pay to the families of those who have lost loved ones to lung cancer and to compensate for the cost of tobacco-related health.
Then we could take those same executives and hog tie them to the front of Humvees in Baghdad. If we taxed Big Tobacco out of business entirely, it may not stop global warming, but I suspect the crud making money off of death will have no problem switching over to another field of work.

Hey, when those Santa Anas blow, I'm not the only one who gets a little testy. I might as well enjoy the last bit of this warm desert breeze and go down to the shore. At least then I can get right-minded and centered and caught up on my reading...

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