Friday, October 27, 2006

That's some fancy doubletalk, considering he isn't a Republican politician

"Fuck them. I have never bashed any gays before, and if I bashed gays, I bashed them 16 years ago. There's no tolerance from [the gay community]. I'm not a gay-basher. I'm not a homophobe."

(italics mine)

Syndicated columnist Rex Wockner reprinted this quote from Buju Banton to Billboard magazine September 29.

Mr. Banton has repeatedly attempted to explain to the press why his lyrics including suggestions to shoot gays dead, peel their skin and burn them is not homophobic. The House of Blues in San Diego is the latest venue to come under fire for booking a concert with the Jamaican dancehall singer. His supporters and those who profess to disagree with the aforementioned homophobia yet insist on their right to profit from promoting and booking his performances have whined that the gay community is just too sensitive, and artistic freedom has precedence. Yeah, right; and Hezbollah should be able to hold concerts in Tel Aviv.

Okay; chill, Mark. There's another Santa Ana blowing through town, and shortening my fuse.

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