Monday, December 26, 2005

Ars Longa, Vita Brevia

Storms in Africa

Though I walk through
Warm sands in Africa
Winds will grow soon
To storms in Africa.
How far to go
I cannot say.
How many more
Will journey this way?
Dark skies fall on
Black earth and ivory
Far from your sun
Clouds now close over me.
How far to go
I cannot say.
How many more
Will journey this way?
Storms have come!
Rains wash the earth away
Dark skies fall down
Into another day.
Rains have now come
From storms in Africa
Time will go on
Through storms in Africa

No other song could describe the swirling clouds dissipating from over the peaks surrounding San Luis Obispo this morning. That I could only scan my sketches of Cerro San Luis! Yesterday's log was one of the few times to available to post my entries 'til I get home from Northern California... we'll see. Maybe I can even learn a few overdue things from my far more computer proficient brothers... I have a lot of catching up to do. Next to my brothers, I'm practically writing on the cave wall in woolly mammoth blood.

There are threads emanating from BM in my mind -- most of which have little to do with the film or the politics of watching two straight boys swap spit. I think it was like a breach of the 17th Street canal of my mind. There were things I've been ruminating and other topics I've avoided thinking about that seeing the film merely acted as a catalyst -- the holidays have been kerosene on the fire.

This morning Cerro San Luis majestically sits with a crown of fog clinging to the summit like laurels of an ancient Olympian athletes. The town is quite for Boxing Day; since Christmas was on a Sunday, only a small number of retail outlets offering post-Christmas sales are open. Few places in the world will be as breathtaking as the scenery from here to San Francisco. It is nature's church in all it's splendor. Thankfully, few places in the country have residents as cognizant of their responsibility to safeguard the natural beauty as here. It never ceases to amaze me how many people rush from LA to SF without taking the time to take in this incredible sight.

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