Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dec 1

Why is today unlike any other day?
A day to remind me of an individual's responsiblity to hold the whole of society accountable... sometimes not by shouting, but by our most seemingly benign actions...

I think part of the reason I was so down on WeHo the last few days is that...
I have a headache, sore throat and stuffy nose?
Some Aleve, a nasal spray and some OJ will take care of that, for the most part (but WeHo will still be WeHo, and there aint no meds to fix that disfunction yet!)

Hmmm... is WeHo toxic?

So to make matters worse, I run into the Boy Next Door, who tells me that he's moving... today! He has a boy friend... :( with whom he'll be spending the holidays in Punta del Este! Sigh! :\ That's what I get for being attracted to the boys who can travel in those circles. Oh well. Nothing like a nice fantasy, at least, to give you some hope. I guess I'll just have to find another fantasy... or maybe a real boyfriend. Now, that would be a change!

Yesterday, I ran into a number of program people as I walked down the street, then a fellow walked up to me and said he remembered me from 10 years ago, dancing at the local clubs: "You had it going on!"

The pessimist says, yeah, that was then; but it was cause for speculation that, maybe, just maybe, I still got it going on somewhere, I only I could find it. The more I remember my youth, the more I'm shook by just how much I really got to see and experience of life that most people only dream about... and it ain't over yet!

When I looked up at the Stahl House, there was a photo shoot going on. I couldn't see the people, only the equipment and the flash of a camera every so often. It was rather fun to watch.

Last night, there were no stars to be seen in the sky; a far cry from the heavens above San Luis Obispo. One lone planet shone through, however. And how many lights in the sky does it take to hang one's hopes and dreams on?

Maybe next year, it'll be me going to Punta del Este for New Years with the man of my dreams. And I don't want to forget, today of all days, all the beautiful moments I was privileged to share with the most wonderful men one could ever want to know.

All said and done, I've been one lucky s-o-b, and I don't dare dishonor the memory of all those incredible people I've been allowed to know along the way by thinking otherwise.

I've had my Punta del Este... over and over again, dammit. Maybe moreso than most people could ever hope to dream of. That means not worrying about if I've already had my ration of life's experiences...

Maybe around the next corner... who knows?

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