Saturday, December 10, 2005

Enough with the cowboys already!

Something is up when even my lesbian friends are all running to see BM. Granted, a strong opening weekend will make it easier to greenlight projects more pertinent to me in the future, and chances are there will be lots of eye candy in the audience, too, and all teary-eyed in need of a supportive shoulder :) after the movie...

Part of me can hardly wait for the gay pc crowd to light into the film, magnifying every real or imagined flaw as much as possible. Might as well get it over with. The first wave of snotty WeHo "oh, I already saw a screening at the studio" queens have already been flaunting their exposure to Jake & Heath to anyone within earshot. Maybe the ending will go down in gay cinematic history alongside the scene of Leonardo sinking into the freezing Atlantic out of Rose's grasp...

No, I'm really not that cynical, but the whole issue begs to be parodied and gotten past... as one tongue wagged, "How long before a porn film comes out entitle 'Bareback Mountain?'

File it under, 'so, you call this progress?'

I have to remind myself, that if I'm going to be in a community overrun with folks who work in 'the industry,' I'm gonna have to learn to put up with their sense of all-importance. This is WeHo, and it's filled with WeHoids. Been that way since this town was a soybean field. Frankly, I am confused as to how this film is going to feed one more starving child in Africa, bring about world peace, or get me excited.

I have been wrong before, of course. Maybe I'll even be the one hogging the hankies on the way out of the theatre. And then again, maybe a cute latin gogo boy will drop out of the sky and into my arms. What store at The Grove does one go to get registered for that gift, I wonder?

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