Friday, December 02, 2005

Siste viator

Well, the apartment next door is really empty. You have any idea how hard it is to find good neighbors (not to mention really cute ones)?

I'm still reeling over my television viewing of this week. Who knew that Oprah's appearance on David Letterman was "the television event of the decade?"

Wednesday night's "Lost" segued into "Invasion" without even a break in between. No time to even catch your breath! For a bona fide bookworm, I'm enjoying this television season thoroughly. My one bone to pick with ABC is that they promo'd "Alias" taking over the Invasion slot as well as implied that "Invasion" would be back next week without any mention of a day or time change. I'll just have to keep my ears and eyes open. The thing that really ticks me off, though, is this pattern of airing deleted scenes from "Lost" or "Desperate Housewives" on "Good Morning America." Hey guys, like, some of us are not glued to the tube morning, noon and night! That is so rude! Like charging over a hundred bucks for an ill-promoted fan convention (at the same hotel where AALA meets). Not a way to push brand loyalty. What, do they think we're addicted? Really, I can quit anytime I want! Like, say, every 108 minutes...

This business of the Catholic Church and gay priests is beginning to get under my skin. Mainstream media has been all over it. Even the "liberal" or "unbiased" television media have failed to talk about what's behind all this: THE GAY COMMUNITY AND GAY PRIESTS ARE NOT MOLESTING CHILDREN! Studies have repeatedly shown that the overwhelming majority of those who molest children are heterosexual (let's see the Church throw all of them out!) and most child abusers were themselves abused as children. I think I'm as worried about what would happen if the Church imploded in on itself when it runs out of clergy following their misguided stratagem since far more virulent fundamentalism sects are already hacking away at the (bloated) number of Catholics worldwide. That combined with the "stepinfetchit" mainstreaming of gay culture is going to be detrimental to the existance of gay life as we know it in the 21st century. It ain't gonna help our straight friends and family too much, either.

But enough doom and gloom... under all this crap, as the old story goes, there has to be a pony...

...and hey, John Stamos is coming back as a mid-season replacement. Yeah, it was far below the quality of my other favorite beefcake shows, but he did take his shirt off once or twice to show an impressive bod during his brief run last summer. Ah, Rebecca, please do tell us if the goods were as fun to enjoy as the package... or is it another case of mediocre performance in pretty wrapping? I try to remind myself that beauty isn't everything (outside of West Hollywood, that is), especially as I mourn the loss of The Boy Next Door...

I couldn't watch all of that alien attack of Deputy Lewis on "Invasion," as much as I wanted to. I'm a real wuss when it comes to that. What I did see as I peeked I must say was very well filmed. The murdering of the innocent deputy was a lot to take, though. And what will happen when Eddie Cibrian's kids eventually find out their mom is dead? Oof. Too heavy. What an adrenaline pumping show (and that's even without Eddie Cibrian walking around shirtless or in his shorts)!

So tonight, I'll go to my WeHo meeting, reminding myself what my primary purpose is there; and tomorrow the same. There's a holiday boat parade in San Pedro tomorrow night; maybe I'll go watch. As with the trailers for "Little Manhattan" though, I'm tired of going solo to events tooted as "perfect for dates." The ol' fifth wheel syndrome. arrrgh. At least the meetings in WeHo have eye candy ...and I'm not blind... and I will behave myself as befitting someone with as much time as I have.

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