Saturday, December 17, 2005

You gotta have hope

Just when there really seems to be no real logical point in our existence, some silly thread through a television program like last night's Sex in the City, or this morning's Saturday Survivor's meeting jogs the purpose back (somewhat) on track. Imperfectly, maybe even a little unsteadily, but just maybe we'll get a moment out of the day where we get the opportunity to make a small gasp at some unexpected beautiful vista, or be of service to another human being in some small way, that allows for a reason why we should exist, that there is a purpose for our being where we are, when we are there, that only we can experience... even if we aren't allowed to grasp the importance of our being chosen to be there at that particular time while it happens (or, perhaps, ever). Just to know there is some God given scheme to why the molecules and matter that we are made of is here, right now, being who we are, doing what we're doing....

Yeah, just maybe. That's a pretty big what if, ya know?

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