Friday, February 17, 2006

A brief note about who my links are

Now that I've got the first of my links posted, I should explain a little about who they are.

First up are the Miami links. I can't get enough on urban preservation, and I'm a fan of mystery fiction; and in no city in America do urban politics and mysteries go hand in hand more than in Miami. As Carl Hiaasen and so many others have said better than I could, something just happens to the most normal, even-keeled folks when they get to Miami that makes the truth stranger than fiction... and damn entertaining, even though so much is at stake--even people's lives and the outrageous damage to the environment and flaunting of the most basic civil rights.

If the evening news or your fictional television drama aren't doing it for ya, check these out:

The 26th Parallel
Critical Miami
The Next Few Hours

Next up are some of the independent bookstores around the country that offer not only unique selections at times not found in the superstore chains with 100,000 books. Don't even get me started on the degree of familiarization with literature they offer--and if it isn't on the shelf, they cane most likely get it for you. Most independents offer an array of and intimate setting for readings not found in chains. They are also on the front line of vigilance for protecting your human rights. 'Nuff said. Please preserve what shred of democracy we still have and patronize them:

Books and Books
Equal Writes
Skylight Books

A couple of my favorite artists:

Scott Haile
Jordi Labanda
Paul Madonna

and with links to a number of artists:

Salsa e Pimenta, from Portugal, of all places.

and music:

Phideaux Xavier

Some fun sites that I visit now and then:

The B Squad
Made in Brazil, with links for everything Brasil as well as fashion news from an insider (and eye candy tastefully done)
The Pretty Boys Club

For entertainment news:

Notes From Hollywood

One of the best blogs written from a recovery perspective (with yet more tasteful eye candy):

One Gay at a Time

One of the best reliable and trustworthy sources for news and information online (which as anyone reading this probably already knows is often something you have to take on faith and hope):


The local online Hollywood community news source:

WeHo News

I'll try to be more diligent about explaining who my links are and why I felt compelled to put them there as I add them.

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