Friday, February 17, 2006

There are 325,000 names on the government terrorist list

That works out to be about one terrorist for every 912 people in the United States.

Who are they? You? Your neighbor? Your kindergarten teacher?

Everyone from Warren Olney on KCRW to Towleroad among others have brought up points about the latest wrinkle in this Cheney business that need to be looked at by everyone. The 'incident' is not over just because the president said so and for us to go about our business.

Thank you Mr. President, but it'll be over when the people of the United states say it's over. Does anyone else think if this had been a Democratic VP accidentally shooting someone that we'd have --at the very least-- another $40 million special prosecutor on our hands?

Click on the header above find a link to listen to Feb. 17th's To The Point with Warren Olney on KCRW. For a comprehensive look at the Cheney shooting incident (and its ramifications) go to the towleroad link on the left and go to Feb 17.

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