Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some New Literary Links

The Lambda Literary Foundation has reorganized, and has a new website:

Lambda Literary Foundation

To my list of favorite bookstores, I want to add the best source for Florida mysteries:

Murder on the Beach

The largest book fair in the country, and a champion of all things literary in South Florida and Latin America, it has been a vacation destination in its own right for book lovers from around the country:

Miami International Book Fair

And the logical organization to find out more about Florida mysteries and the authors who write them:

Mystery Writers of America - Florida Chapter

A list of some of the Florida authors whose work I thoroughly enjoy, and give a well-rounded look at life in the sunshine State:

Tom Corcoran --who is the writer to read for Key West--in one novel recently he even cleverly slipped in a list of his favorite books about the Florida Keys.

S. V. Date --the Palm Beach Post reporter holds the honor of being the only journalist to be thrown out of the Florida State House --for reporting that the Speaker of the House had hired a stripper as a secretary. He has a keen sense of the workings and shenanigans of Florida state government like no other writer.

Tim Dorsey --Former Tampa Tribune author who has a bottomless pit of Floridiana ephemera that makes his madcap mysteries a must for anyone visiting Florida or the armchair tourist.

Carl Hiaasen --aside from his masterful, hilarious novels, his columns in the Miami Herald offer an ongoing look at the dirty dealings of Florida politics. There are two books of some of his collected columns that offer a rare non-fiction counterpoint to the scandals he skewers in his mystery novels.

John MacDonald --while his Travis McGee mysteries have sold in the millions, don't overlook his novel Condominium which doesn't exactly fall in the mystery category, yet describes what it happening in Florida today as clearly as when it was written 30 years ago.

Barbara Parker --a former Federal prosecutor in Miami turned mystery writer with a keen sense of Miami history and an unmatched ability to guide the reader through the legal world without talking down to you.

These are but a few of my favorite authors, of course, limited in part by those which I readily knew their website addresses. No doubt I'll add more as time goes on.

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