Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tomorrow They Will Kiss

Eduardo Santiago's first novel, Tomorrow They Will Kiss, will be out this July. He passed around the postcard of the bookcover and it is drop-dead gorgeous. This will be the one time in recorded history that you can judge a book by it's cover. If I only had a way to scan it! The cover graphics look so good it should be up for as many awards as the book. Of course, having already read excerpts of the book, I can say that.

Everyone is really happy for Eduardo--this has been a long time coming. His website ( isn't up yet. We like it when good things happen to deserving people.

I like it, too, when the guilty get what's comin' to them. The Cheney hunting jokes have been better on the web than on television (although Letterman was good). One blogger (sorry--I've already forgotten who) however added the sobering reminder that this is the number two man in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet. Gulp. As the bumper sticker says,


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