Saturday, August 19, 2006

Celia Cruz at the California African-American Museum

It may technically have already passed, but I really liked that poster for the 2006 International Human Rights Day. While wandering around the web to see what else I'd missed, I found that clever image from the Sydney Indy Media. There's a link to click on to connect with them. I might as well post a link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I thought.

The pas de deux is one of a series by artist Alex Donis, who has a new exhibit at the Shelly Frumkin Gallery. His website appears to be out of date, but I'll get around to checking for the Frumkin Gallery site at Bergamot Station when I have the time.

Today, however, I'm off to the California African-American Museum to see the new exhibition on the life of Celia Cruz.

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