Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"San Francisco has only one drawback -- 'tis hard to leave." --Rudyard Kipling

Never mind what the map tells you; there are more time zones between San Francisco and Los Angeles than there are between LA and New York.

In the stack of mail waiting upon my return was a notice about the 17th anniversary of Highways Performance Space. For a city the size of LA, by all rights there ought to be any number of cutting edge centers for the performing arts such as Highways. It's one of those areas where New York or San Francisco or even Minneapolis can arch their eyebrows, and say, "Well, what would you expect from LaLa Land?"

With Tony Blair in town, the British press has been, in the words of Terry Gross, trotting out every antiquated stereotype about Los Angeles they can think of. As with Washington or New York, at times those chestnuts are from the last century, if they were ever true at all.

Highways has been a shining piece of evidence to the contrary that there is culture in Los Angeles other than yogurt. Click on the above link to be directed to their site.

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