Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel has never been known to pussyfoot around when it comes to defending itself --now is not the time!

News reports from Washington and Europe have added more alleged suspects to the list of sources for raw materials and munitions for Tehran that may have ended up in the hands of Hezbollah.

The only logical outcome, continuing Israel's' current scorched earth policy, is to bomb Moscow, Paris, Pyongyang, London and La Habana.

Don't cry to me; you've had plenty of chances to visit the Louvre or the British Museum. Greece may not get their Elgin Marbles back, but with the waters of the eastern Mediterranean turned into an oil slick, what does it matter?

There is the strong likelihood that prevailing winds will carry the nuclear fallout from Cuba to most of South Florida, but hey, we won't have to worry about cleaning up the Everglades! No more boat people! And the rest of the country won't worry if everything from Key West to Palm Beach was wiped out. South Florida has given America too many headaches of late, anyway.

If Israel really wants security, of course, they'll have to just stop doing this job piecemeal, and level everything from Morocco to Mindanao.

Of course, they'll have to translate "Waltzing Matilda" into Hebrew, too...

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