Friday, August 11, 2006


Just for today, I will try to do as much as I can with what little I'm given in the small amount of time I have without any clear or substantial direction
while others get credit and acknowledgement
and I'll try not to feel anger,, resentment, or frustration
because this is just --after all-- just a job.

I only have to keep telling myself to breathe, and to learn to let it go

--thanks to Walt at for the meditation. After I read this and a few slow measured breaths, I wasn't anywhere nearly as disillusioned with the human race as I had been. Actually, I'm even once again quite hopeful. It might be a sort of reverse discrimination and chauvinist, but with the exception of Alexander the Great, the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia and a few other notable exceptions, I suspect that most gays are God's teachers, spiritual workers and peacemakers. That's the spiritual experience that I had when God revealed to me that I was gay. I guess some of you didn't get the memo.

Oh well. We may all have special duties and abilities assigned to us by our higher power, but not all of us will get to know what they are or understand the message when it is received. No matter how idiotic or destructive some human's behavior may be, I know that they're still God's kids. The ones that give God a headache, perhaps, but still God's work when all is said and done.


"There are days when we say, 'I'm going to move out of this damn place. I'm not going to take it anymore.' But the next day you have a quintessential, magical L.A. day, where you meet interesting people, go to some concert in an open-air theater, have a great meal, listen to great music, and you go, 'Yeah, that's why I live here.'"

--Huell Howser to Allison Milionis in the August 3 Citybeat newspaper

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