Friday, August 04, 2006

In vino veritas?

On page two and three of today's Hollywood Reporter, Gavin de Becker urges Hollywood to dismiss the words Mel Gibson spoke while drunk. He offers a plausible reason for why Gibson probably didn't mean them. Yet words --and actions-- committed under the influence do hurt. They sometimes have far reaching consequences, far more serious than the tirade of a drunken actor. Those words were not abstract; they didn't just fly out into space without touching people (slapping them in the face would be more like it). Had Gibson hit another vehicle while driving home, the consequences might have been irreversible. Whatever the outcome, he's getting off easy, considering what could have happened.

Forgive, sure. Forget, not quite so quickly. Like those homophobic comments Mel Gibson made in an interview a few years --while stone cold sober. To make amends is more than a simple, "I'm sorry."

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