Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bumpersticker of the day: MY CAT CAN BEAT UP YOUR CAT

While browsing the web for one thing, I inevitably get sidetracked by something else that grabs my attention. This is my life off-line as well. Yesterday, my sponsee happened to be parked outside a used bookstore and watched with amusement as I attempted to pass by without getting caught in its gravitational pull. Busted. lt's not like I don't have so many books to read already I can pile more on the stack. Believe me, that's one place you don't want to be standing next to when the Big One hits LA. I remember a moderate quake hit San Diego a few years ago, and an elderly bookworm was trapped inside his apartment by the falling books & tipped over bookshelves. That'll probably be how I go...

While reading Noel Alumit's blog, I found a link to PEN/USA; it was important enough for me to put a link on the header above. I read Noel's entire blog. It's a great place for anyone interested in how to write, or what goes on in the head of a writer. I also did a search that brought up the LA Black Book Expo and Crime Sistahs, a trio of African American mystery writers. Last, but not least, I found a link for Poetry Flash, the most important literary magazine and calendar of events for California and the West. Their links have all been added on the left as well.

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