Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Don't do as we teach, do as we say...

A P Photo / Washington Post

The Mayor's office and the LAUSD have warned protesting students to return to class or there will be consequences.

So never mind what they've taught you in civics class and American history. Ignore the writings of Thomas Paine, Henry David Thoreau* and Benjamin Franklin. Forget about the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

And don't remember Ruben Salazar and the Chicano Moratorium and the forced repatriation of more than a quarter million Mexicans. Or Los Ninos Heroes, or the occupation of Aztlan and Cuba and Puerto Rico; the abduction and enslavement of millions of men, women and children; the Trail of Tears; the overthrow of the sovereign kingdom of Hawai'i. The bombing of Vieques, the Zoot Suit Riots, Sleepy Lagoon...

Oh, wait-- they haven't even begun to teach you about most of that yet, have they? I guess you'll have to keep protesting a little longer --and tell the school board you're damn right there will be consequences.

When it comes to denying citizenship to the children born in the U.S. of undocumented aliens, can we make that retroactive to the Mayflower? For those with a 'get tough' approach to illegal immigration, I would remind them that in Roanoke, North Carolina, the original penalty for the first illegal immigrants was capitol punishment.

Click on the header above for a link to Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience."

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