Thursday, March 09, 2006

Has Oprah Lost It?

Wednesday evening: "Tomorrow: One straight man lives gay for thirty days."

What the Hell was she thinking? Did she get bopped on the head and think this was 25 years ago?

How about, "Millions of gay people live as straight for years on end, in fear of losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, ostracized from their families, physically attacked or brutally murdered?"

I'm inclined to think that Oprah's heart was in the right place, and she wanted to build bridges of understanding, blah blah blah...

But I'm sorry. This was just so 80s Jerry Springer, no matter how sincerely it was orchestrated. Doesn't she have anybody in her humonguous media empire that can say, "Um, your Imperial Highness, we might want to revisit this idea."

I guess not.

It's not the most totally degrading or thoughtless idea of late that's been on the air lately; not like, for example, the Today show having a white family live as African-Americans and an African-American family live as whites. Where in the world was Matt Lauer's mind then?

That wasn't even 80s ---more like the 1960s.

But hey, what do I know? I'm not a big-shot producer earning six figures. Maybe their focus groups or staff meetings or random pollings came to the conclusion, after much wrangling, that this was all necessary and would do good. Maybe all those millions of Oprah and Today show viewers will be enlightened and educated.

After all, I seem to be the only person in this damn town that doesn't give a hoot about 'reality' television, at the risk of being run out town on a rail, cash cow for the industry that it is.

"Coming up on Oprah: Black women who date white men." Is she trying to tell Stedman something?

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