Saturday, March 11, 2006

Straight? Unhappy? Well, get ready to laugh

Anti-gay comments broadcast in Miami schools. Los Altos outlaws gay pride. And the list goes on and on...

Then I come across this news story that just made my day. Heck, it made my week. Sometimes, the best way to fight the whack jobs is not to hit 'em over the head with a hammer (as fun as that may seem) but to laugh at the sheer idiocy of their stance...

Justin Watt has done a superb job of doing just that on his website.

In Larry Buhl's article on he mentions that an actual billboard in St. Louis that read, "I questioned homosexuality" was changed by someone who added, "And my answer is yes!"

The real question is, where are we going to put all those ex-straights just waiting to become gay? San Francisco and West Hollywood have just way too few vacancies as it is.

Click on the header above for a link to see the original story and the photo of the billboards.

I had wanted originally to comment on how well the Pasadena Art Night was last night. The staff and volunteers of the various art organizations, despite a driving rain, put on a terrific event all over the city. Every year it just keeps getting bigger and better. There's a link to the left about it.

A Special thanks to Susan, the librarian at the Pasadena Public Library for giving me her "Pasadena: One City, One Story" pin honoring the late Octavia Butler. Originally, Butler was scheduled to read and discuss her work on March 17th before she passed away. The event will now be a community tribute and discussion commemorating her work, at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena at 7:30 p.m. Among those speaking will be authors Steven Barnes and Jerry Tervalon. For more information, go to the One City, One Story link to the left. Among the many tributes to Octavia Butler, you can click on the link at left to read the one Noel Alumit wrote on his blog.

Everyone involved with the Art Night Pasadena deserves a big thank you. It was a lot of fun and quite inspirational. Even the rain became a part of the event. Especially in this era when support for arts organizations is so critical, this was a great way for small and large organizations to work together to prove their worth and why they are worthy of your financial support.

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