Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is bustin' out all over

Last night I watched the premier of "The Evidence." Given that it was the first program, it's no surprise that they filmed location shots all over San Francisco --extra points for the shots of Red's Java on the Embarcadero. They covered a good many neighborhoods in the City, but the house Rob Estes is supposed to live in looks like something more likely to be found in while they were shooting in Vancouver than anything in San Francisco. Time will tell if they continue to film enough establishing shots around the City, or if Vancouver will be increasingly filling in for SF. The City, of course, is as much a character in any program set there as the actors. Loving and devout filmography will not, however, make up for a weak story line. I suspect it will be a one-season wonder ...if they're lucky. The number of shows the networks have yanked off the air before they even had a chance to build an audience this year is atrocious. Or maybe I'm just watching more television. It isn't like I have any stock tied up in the networks; my to-read list is pretty substantial at any rate.

Someone should mention to Eyewitness News that is not appropriate to smile while recounting the deaths of 11 tourists in South America. Beyond disrespectful, and so unprofessional. Ann Curry exhibited a more fitting gravitas on this morning's news segment of The Today Show.

And now for something completely different...

I haven't had much time to really read other people's blogs to find a style for myself. I'm still rather a neophyte in learning what to do, how to do it and the proper protocol to do it in. This blog has been up to now more of a rambling, meandering, interior monologue.

Last night and this morning, for example, I was worried about what standard I should follow in regard to the 11th Tradition and anonymity. It may already be a case of closing the barn door after the cow has gone, but I'm probably going to be a little stricter on my self-policing in that regard. Certainly, my recovery is a n important part of my life --and likely the only reason I'm even still here at all. I'll be a lot more circumspect in the future about assuring that I don't break anyone's anonymity or any particulars about any groups. If there is anyone in recovery that has any suggestions about anonymity in the blogosphere, I'd appreciate your comments.

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