Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a difference a day makes...

My post from yesterday had to be completely redone... probably all for the better. I had deviated from what I had planned to originally post, so I tried to keep some of the mood that I was in yesterday as when I recomposed it... but yesterday is no more. Today is an entirely different day. No need to worry about scaring any skittish people today (what's up with that? Are some people afraid of their own shadows, or are there some who just have the ability to project their fears onto others?).

Maybe my higher power wanted me to type out La Vida Es Un Carnaval twice 'cuz I needed to be hit over the head with the message in the song.

At any rate, today the sun is shining, there is still the faint sound of children playing in the park nearby. The big tent for one of the fabulous after parties this Sunday has been erected right out the window from where I sit.

The snow that graced the mountain peaks in the distance has all melted --the mountains with the ski resorts where there is still snow aplenty are hidden behind them from where I sit at this moment. I've got things to do, and it's somebody else's turn to be morose. I might just take an afternoon stroll up to 'Daddy Starbucks' later, if for no other reason than to feel the warm sun wash over my face. As Mom used to say to us when we were watching television, 'Go out and play! It's a beautiful day outside!'

Who knows, I might even see Joan and Melissa's tour bus go by again (they seem to be on an endless search for a parking space or using their RV as a moving billboard).

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