Tuesday, May 02, 2006

After "A Day Without immigrants" begins An Era of Immigrants in Your Face

I have never missed an election while in the United States. The last time I visited my grandfather, he told me about events in the 1920s, during the Depression, and the McCarthy era that I only knew of secondhand.

I was increasingly aware as I was growing up the lengths that my parents went to in order to assure that we would not suffer the indignities or personal danger in those parts of America where it was not a given that those "inalienable rights" would be within reach.

Every night on the evening news, we watched the civil rights movement taking place all over America, slowly coming to know the role our own family has in the movement.

Click on the header at top, and you will be connected with the California Secretary of State's website, which has instructions and links for you to download voter registration forms in English or in Spanish. Additional assistance is available via toll-free numbers provided for those who speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Korean.

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