Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Case of the Amazing Disappearing Millions of People of Color from the Evening News

CBS, NBC and ABC all treated May First like old news by Tuesday night's broadcast.

Not that the local news was any better.
When they did cover it, they didn't get it. So the next time, we'll have to really stick it to 'em. The print media, at least, utilized their lag time to do a great deal of follow-up.

As for television, kudos all the way around to KCET's Live and Times and the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

God, I don't ask for much, but let me have a fifty-yard-line seat when white Americans realize that they are the pentultimate ittybitty inconsequential irrelevant entity of the human race. Yum.

Until then, we have to keep an eye on them, to keep them from blowing up the planet (or leaving it uninhabitable for humans).

Such is the bane of our existence.

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