Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer hits with a wallop

Hope you all had as restful a holiday weekend as I did.

Today, however, I went to see my friend Ray in a board and care facility in Rosemead. He won't be going home. He is unconscious now all the time. All I could do was cry and pray and tell him how much I loved him.

I've added a few links on the right. If you click on the header at top, you'll see a photograph of my view from the corner where I used to live in Chinatown Heights. Next to Florida, it's quite a hill. The neighborhood kids skateboarding down 14 stories in two blocks was
probably scarier for me to watch than it was for them.

The link to the site, You Are Here, is also at right. I've also added links to the sites of friends I ran into over the weekend, artist Daniel Rios and musician Vicki Randle. The California Council for the Humanities has a neat website I've linked, also, California Stories.

I'm just babbling on, trying not to think of Ray and not doing a very good job of keeping from crying into the keyboard so I'll end this now.

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